Project Summary

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Diversity Hiring Portal

Created a Custom Web Based Application to Support the Utilization of "Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act" Eligible Employees

Project Problem

Source agencies submitted relevant paperwork to the Illinois Tollway via scanned copies of paper forms, resumes, and certificates. Contractors contacted Tollway to locate applicants matching the contractors’ specific hiring needs. The Illinois Tollway required a web based application to assist in the utilization of qualified applicants in construction related programs, who are Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) eligible for the Illinois Tollway Earned Credit Program. Trade organizations, advocacy, and workforce training (source agencies) will utilize the application to create, display, and modify participant profile information. Participating Tollway construction industry contractors require the ability to access the application in order to review and select eligible construction trade applicants. The desired web application would also require the capability of generating email notifications to all involved parties.

Project Solution

Great Arc designed and built a web-based application that allows users, based on their assigned role within the application, to view applications that have been added by the source agencies. Source agencies, after adding the applications are able to go back to update the data/resume of the application as well as follow the progress of an application if they are selected for an interview or ultimately hired. Contractors are able to search and find applicants they are interested in by trade, certificates, training, education, etc. Tollway staff can both login as a contractor or source agency to mimic the role of those organizations in order to support and work with these groups. Also Tollway staff that administer the site are able to approve applicants that have been added as well as see what type of participation and use of the system source agencies and contractors have. In addition to adding and monitoring applicants in the system, users are able to run reports on utilization of the application as well as generate reports about applications that have been added to get paper or digital copies from the system to use during the interview process. Users are also presented with a dashboard upon logging into the system to be able to see the information that is most relevant to them. In addition, users get various email notifications about applications and their related data that has been entered into the system in order to most effectively use the application and find the participant they are looking for. In addition to designing and building the application, Great Arc is also hosting the application in the Amazon Cloud. In doing so, we are responsible for system security, system maintenance, data backups, user management and access, and up-time.



  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Amazon Cloud
  • MVC