About Us

What We Do

Great Arc Technologies offers a full range of GIS consulting expertise, including enterprise solutions, mobile and smartphone solutions, application development, web-based mapping, and database integration.

Based in Chicago, we work with a broad range of clients, including local, regional, and national government agencies, power and utility companies, and customers in the private sector.

Who We Are

Our developers average more than 20 years of GIS-related experience. We specialize in providing innovative solutions spanning all aspects of development, management, analysis, integration, and deployment of spatial data and related technology.

The Great Arc Advantage

Our holistic approach helps clients capture more value from existing processes, and create new, undiscovered value. Through software engineering, database architecture/management, enterprise integration, and hosting services, our tailored solutions allow our clients to maximize the return on their GIS and spatial data investment.

We have an established relationship with Esri, the industry leader in GIS technology. As an award-winning business partner, we work with all relevant Esri technology, including desktop, web, smartphone, and mobile products. We are a value-added reseller of the Esri product line.