Press Release

Launch of Upgraded MnCMAT Crash Mapping and Analysis Tool

We have launched the upgraded version of the Minnesota Department of Transportation Crash Mapping and Analysis Tool (MnCMAT). Great Arc has provided design, development, hosting, and application support services to develop a new application in order to deliver client requirements while also meeting GIS and application architecture standards. We have replaced the existing MnCMAT application using a secure, supported and cloud-hosted solution using the Amazon GovCloud and Esri's ArcGIS Server. This solution provides more current crash data to local government agencies and local law enforcement, thus reducing the amount of requests to MnDOT for crash data. Application functionality has been expanded over the previous version in response to user feedback. Accessibility has been increased for local government agencies and local law enforcement agencies by providing a GIS tool with the capability to independently perform more complex analysis of crash data.

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