Project Summary

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Neighborhood Mapping Application

Developed an ArcGIS desktop application to automate the neighborhood assignment tasks

Project Problem

Each year, the Assessor’s Office updates its parcel neighborhood databases with any changes that have taken place since the last assessment. The Assessor’s Office wanted to utilize GIS to streamline and automate the annual process of assigning County parcels to neighborhoods.

Project Solution

Great Arc developed an ArcGIS desktop application to automate the neighborhood assignment tasks. The application runs inside of ArcMap, and provides a user-friendly ArcMap interface for County staff to view, edit, save, and characterize County data.

The application consists of three sections: Neighborhoods, Thematics, and Planimetrics. Great Arc’s Neighborhoods application allows County staff to choose a desired township, land use, and year. Then, they can create new neighborhoods, select parcels, and assign parcels to the appropriate neighborhood. The application allows users a variety of methods for making parcel selections: using on-screen tools, via PIN and partial-PIN number searches, or by using a buffer. By building a selection set for a given neighborhood, County staff can assign neighborhood attributes to large amounts of parcels very quickly. The tool also allows staff to remove parcels from a neighborhood, clear neighborhood selections, and view all parcels that have been assigned to a given neighborhood.

The Thematics portion of the application allows users to set up thematic maps in order to create graphic displays of the parcel data. For example, a common thematic is to display any unassigned parcels in red so that County staff can easily track their progress while completing work on a particular township. Assigned neighborhoods can then be assigned other colors as desired by the user.

The Planimetrics portion of the application allows County staff to utilize any desired County data, such as streets, right-of-way, and aerial photography to assist with the neighborhood assignment process. With the planimetric control, users can add, remove, or toggle visibility of County infrastructure as needed while performing neighborhood updates.



  • ArcObjects
  • ArcGIS
  • C#