Project Summary

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SDE and Server Migration

ArcSDE, GIS Server, and Applications Migration

Project Problem

Cook County needed to migrate all instances of ArcSDE to version 10.2, along with all associated databases and applications.

Project Solution

As part of a separate project, Cook County migrated its Cadastral Esri SDE geodatabase from Esri version 9.3.1 with SQL database 2008 R2 to Esri SDE version 10.2 with SQL 2012. The County needed to migrate from Esri version 9.3.1 to Esri version 10.2 the remaining geodatabases, databases, Arc web server, services and applications across the enterprise in coordination with the Cadastral upgrade effort to allow for GIS services to remain uninterrupted.

The migration included the following tasks:

  • SDE server migration to Esri version 10.2 and SQL 2012
  • Restored database and users to full operation in the migrated environment
  • Migrated 4 custom applications to full functionality
  • Tested, reported bugs, and applied corrections to County and vendor applications to full operation
  • SDE migration of 17 geodatabases, 6 geodatabases with applications, and 9 tabular databases
  • Provided a developer test environment to test and streamline migration processes prior to performing on-site at the County
  • Restored databases at the County to full operation, validated stored procedures, triggers, relinked users, validated and rebuilt all table indexes/statistics
  • Migrated 4 custom applications including changes due to the new ArcGIS 10.2 libraries
  • Tested and reported bugs on 20-plus additional applications that Cook County or third-party vendors were upgrading



  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcSDE
  • SQL Server
  • ArcObjects
  • C#.NET
  • AJAX
  • ESRI JavaScript API
  • ArcGIS