Project Summary

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Web GIS Viewer

Developed a custom web mapping application to browse site data and integrate with facility management systems

Project Problem

Fermilab identified a need to implement a web-based mapping application that would provide viewing access to site data and integrate with the Fermilab facilities management system.

Project Solution

The application includes standard, user-friendly map navigation tools, as well as an overview map, zoom slider, layer list, identify feature tool, and measure tool. Drawing tools for marking up maps are provided, including point, line, and polygon tools. Map tips display when the user hovers over a facility feature, providing a quick view of the feature’s attributes along with links to work orders, engineering projects, and building facilities management systems.

The application provides data selection via attribute search on relevant map layers, and spatial selection tools are also provided, allowing users to select across all map layers using a point, polygon, or circle selection on the map display. Selection results are returned in a data grid displaying each feature’s attributes. In the data grid, the user may click to zoom the map to any feature in the selection results. As with the map tips, the data grid provides links for facility features to related documents in the facilities management system.

For quick visual review, the application includes a swipe tool allowing users to ‘peel away’ a selected map layer to reveal data layers beneath without refreshing the map display. Functionality for bookmarking a map extent and for saving a map display in jpg or png format is also provided, as well as a print map tool.



  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcSDE
  • Oracle
  • ESRI Flex API