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County GIS Web Viewer

Developed a web map viewer spanning multiple County departments datasets

Project Problem

The Lake County GIS Department had a large number of GIS databases that they wanted to share and make available to the general public. These databases also spanned a large number of topics such as tax mapping, environmental issues, and government jurisdictions. Lake County wanted to have an Internet application built in such a fashion that someone looking for parcel information in a tax map application would be able to move to an environmental application, while keeping any selections or viewing extents available to the end user. Additionally, each application would have different reports, layers, and functionality available that would be appropriate for the type of data a user would be looking for. Finally, even though this is a public application, there is a secure login screen available to those users who have been provided a password. Each user is assigned security permissions which allow that user the appropriate level of access to additional functionality and data throughout the system that is not available to the general public.

Project Solution

Great Arc developed a web-based ArcIMS application that met the various specifications laid out by the GIS department at Lake County. Users are able to navigate to various map features such as zip codes or townships, and they can use search functionality to find parcels. Reports for printing, viewing, and downloading of both parcel and wetland information is also available. Users can also print maps. One of the key components of the system is to be able to move seamlessly between the applications, maintaining any existing selections or zoom extents that the user has made in the current session. Additionally, users can view PDFs of tax maps when they have selected a parcel of interest. Users are also able to add or delete records and point-based features from various database tables through the application interface.

Great Arc has developed the application so that authorized users are able to access data and functionality that is restricted from those without access. This is done through a combination of Windows Authentication and a database table.

The County is taking a phased approach to this implementation, and subsequent phases of work will encompass adding additional functionality to the system, adding new applications, and examining the feasibility of migrating the application to ASP.Net, as well as potentially incorporating ArcGIS Server into portions of the application.



  • Javascript
  • ArcSDE
  • SQL Server
  • ArcIMS
  • HTML
  • Active Server Pages
  • VBScript