Project Summary

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Municipal GIS Software Upgrade

Upgrade software, scripting, and database replication

Project Problem

The Village requested assistance from Great Arc in performing various tasks for their existing ArcSDE and ArcIMS environment.

Task 1: The Village wanted to upgrade its existing ArcSDE Production Database to Service Pack 5. In doing so, they wanted to first implement the upgrade on a test database environment in order to ensure a smooth transition with no service interruptions.

Task 2: The Village wanted to implement a new database to serve data for its ArcIMS application in order to alleviate demand on its Production database.

Task 3: The Village requested assistance to make sure their ArcIMS applications were configured correctly with their newly-created ArcIMS database.

Project Solution

Task 1: Great Arc worked with Village staff to create a test database environment. The upgrade to Service Pack 5 was performed on the test database. Following the upgrade, the Village tested their various applications to ensure that the upgrade was successful. Great Arc then upgraded the production environment to Service Pack 5 for ArcSDE and ArcIMS.

Task 2: Great Arc created a new database for the Village’s data. Then, Great Arc built a tool to automate on a nightly basis the movement of data from the Village Production database to the new ArcIMS database.

Task 3: Following the completion of Task 2, Great Arc worked with the Village to ensure that their ArcIMS application functioned with the new database as it did previously when using the Production database.



  • ArcSDE
  • Python
  • SQL Server
  • ArcIMS