Project Summary

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Real Estate Web Application

Developed and deployed a web mapping application

Project Problem

Having completed a migration of GIS-related Real Estate data into an Enterprise GIS, the Forest Preserve District of Will County was looking to expose this data to a larger audience beyond their core GIS users. To do this, the District wanted to develop and deploy a web-based mapping application. The District also maintains tabular Real Estate Data in a Microsoft Access database. This Access database contained a number of reports based on the District Real Estate Data. The District wanted to provide more users with easy access to this data for editing and reporting, in addition to integrating this standalone tabular data with their new Enterprise GIS.

Project Solution

The first step in the process was to migrate the Real Estate Access Database to SQL Server. To accomplish this, Great Arc scripted the migration of the data from Access to SQL Server. This allowed the process to be repeated as the migration took place multiple times for QA/QC and delivery purposes. Additionally, the creation of the database schema in SQL Server was automated in order to normalize and standardize field names and data types in the new Enterprise Database.

In addition to migrating the data from Access to SQL Server, the Data Entry/Editing and Reporting tools in Access also needed to be rebuilt for the new Enterprise system. Great Arc built a web-based application that allows users to enter new real estate information as well as view, maintain, and update existing data. A web-based approach was chosen in order provide a central location for the application to reside and for users to access. This approach allows any application updates to be deployed to a single location as well. The Access application utilized Access Reports. These reports were migrated from Access Reports to Crystal Reports. Once the Reports were in Crystal Reports format, they were then updated to point to the new data sources within SQL Server.

Great Arc built the web-based mapping application using the ArcGIS Server Flex API. The mapping application contained the following functionality: 1) Standard Navigation Tools such as zoom, pan, etc.; 2) Map tips that display attribute features, links to reports, or PDFs; 3) Ability to turn on and off layers; 4) Acreage Calculation Tool by drawing; 5) Print Map; 6) Links to Google, Yahoo, and Bing Maps.

The application integration between the two systems allows users to easily access the map from the data editing and reporting tools by providing functionality for viewing a Preserve, Township, Parcel, or Tract on the map that is currently being edited. From the mapping application, users are able to launch any of the Crystal Reports about Preserves, Townships, Districts, Parcels, or Tracts.



  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcSDE
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Crystal Reports
  • VB.Net
  • ArcGIS Server Flex API
  • Flex Builder