Industry Summary | Utilities

Linen and Grid Viewer
Developed web applications to view and maintain scanned map pages
Power Outage Tracking Web Application
Created a custom web application to define and manage power outages and a custom Java library
Design, Build, and Production Support of Utility GIS
Design, Build, and Production Support of Utility GIS
Electric and Gas Facility Web Viewer
Built a cohesive web application that allows users to navigate, query, and report on enterprise utility data
Utility Enterprise Geographic Information System
Assist in the implementation of an enterprise GIS
Station Drawing Data Conversion
Developed an automation application to spatially process AutoCAD drawings and assemble the data into a relational database
Gas Outage Management System
Developed and implemented a gas outage management system
Utility Data Model and Automation
Migrate GIS data from collection of CAD drawing to various formats
Utility GIS Data Automation
Needs assessment, analysis, design, development, testing, documentation and implementation of custom software