Project Summary

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Linen and Grid Viewer

Developed web applications to view and maintain scanned map pages

Project Problem

NIPSCO had documents dating back several decades that were drawn and maintained on linen sheets. These sheets contained various scale map drawing showing streets and property locations along with gas and electric facility locations. In addition, NIPSCO had index size cards also many decades old showing service facility locations and tabular data for individual properties. Scanned images were created for each of this, and an index database created. NIPSCO now wanted to allow the searching and viewing of these images in a web-based format.

Project Solution

Great Arc built several applications, both desktop and web, to view and search on the images. In order to access the data within ArcGIS, Great Arc created a polygon feature class to hyperlink to the image data. To allow NIPSCO to view and QC this data, we built a web-based application that utilized the ESRI WebApp Builder templates, specifically the ESRI Geocoder, Attribute Table, Legend and Basemap Gallery widgets. This allows users to select one or more of the polygon features, view the tabular information, and by selecting the hyperlink field, launching another web application that we built that allows for a detailed view of the images and data.



  • ArcGIS Server
  • SQL Server
  • MVC
  • ESRI WebApp Builder