Project Summary

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Traffic Engineering Studies GIS Data Retrieval and Analysis

Collected and analyzed data in preparation for traffic engineering studies

Project Problem

IDOT required engineering services for traffic engineering studies and accident studies for selected locations in their District One service area. Preparation for these studies required the collection and analysis of relevant crash data, intersection diagrams, and crash reports from local law enforcement agencies.

Project Solution

Partnering with R.E. Hamilton Engineering, Great Arc worked on-site at the IDOT District One office with existing custom ArcView applications to view, query, analyze, export, and print crash data and traffic report data for the requested traffic study locations. ArcView functionality was used to query, select, label, join, and export relevant data first to Crystal Reports, and then to Intersection Magic software for further analysis. Great Arc analyzed the crash data for factors such as the type of intersection, the direction of travel of the vehicles involved, the crash severity, and the completeness of the crash data, and retrieved police reports from the IDOT enterprise imaging database as necessary.

Full crash diagrams, Crystal Report spreadsheets, and police reports were provided to R.E. Hamilton traffic engineers for analysis.



  • ArcView
  • Crystal Reports
  • Intersection Magic Crash Records Analysis Software