Industry Summary | Transportation

Lane Closures
Replace an existing internal web application that assists in the management of highway lane closures to allow for an expanded user base
Crash Analysis Web Application
Designed and developed a web mapping application that displays traffic accidents for analysis
Developed a website that utilizes the Tollway’s annual street-level photography to simulate the experience of driving any of the Tollway corridors
Utility Locates
Replace a legacy application to manage the process of assigning and monitoring the status of utility locates for project locations
Developed a new one-stop shop to bring geospatial information to the Illinois Tollway and its partnering contractors
Planning Document Scanning and Viewer
Scanned a collection of planning project documents and built a web viewer application to view the scanned documents.
Crash Analysis Web Application
Designed and developed a web mapping application that displays multiple years of traffic accident data
Hosting Support
Provide comprehensive services for the clients' Infrastructure Management System.
Diversity Hiring Portal
Created a Custom Web Based Application to Support the Utilization of "Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act" Eligible Employees
Traffic Engineering Studies GIS Data Retrieval and Analysis
Collected and analyzed data in preparation for traffic engineering studies
Earned Credit Program
Created a Custom Application to Assist in the Management and Administration of a Tollway Program to Manage Bid Credits
NPDES GIS Database Implementation and Web Application
Developed a web-based application and designed supporting database to facilitate client compliance with EPA mandates
Highway Advertising Sign Mobile Data Capture and Permit Management
Designed, developed, and implemented an application to view, navigate, update, and maintain outdoor advertising permit data using mobile devices
Statewide Archaeological Predictive Model
Modeled the archaeological and environmental data
Gas Service Card Scanning
Scanned and indexed gas service cards and developed web viewer
Right-of-Way Management Tool (iROW)
Developed an enterprise right-of-way management tool