Project Summary

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Gas Service Card Scanning

Scanned and indexed gas service cards and developed web viewer

Project Problem

During the GIS Data Conversion project, NIPSCO did not create Gas Service linework from its gas mains to the various sites it serves. The Records Department determined that the company would be best served for maintenance and analysis by incorporating the paper Gas Service Cards into the GIS. To do so, the Service Cards would be scanned (front and back) and linked in a database to the various sites the service cards represent.

Project Solution

Great Arc scanned and then linked to a customer database approximately 750,000 gas service cards for NIPSCO. To complete the project, Great Arc developed software for quality control of the scanned cards as well as an application for linking the scanned cards to an existing customer database.

The linked images are accessible though FacilityBrowser and through a Great Arc- created Web customer query application. Additionally, Web-based applications were developed for maintenance of the Service Card attribute information that was entered during the scanning and linking process.

Finally, Great Arc developed a Web-based application to create new Service Cards. This application allows users to capture a screen shot of the FacilityBrowser Map, and then paste it into a new service card. Record Clerks are also able to print, modify, and add some database information through the Web.



  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Basic
  • MapGuide
  • Pegasus ImageXpress
  • Cold Fusion