Project Summary

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Data Reporting Tool

Developed an application that generates up-to-the-minute reconciliation reports

Project Problem

The SBC fleet division needed a means to filter and report on the monthly reconciliation data of the measured volumes in their underground bulk fuel tanks against their dispensed fuel volumes data. The EPA requires this reconciliation report for leak detection of sites utilizing certain underground storage tank construction and monitoring situations. Some states require monthly reporting, while others require weekly reporting.

Project Solution

Great Arc developed an application using MS Access where at the push of a button, the tool generates an up-to-the-minute fuel tank reconciliation report. The original data is stored in a FoxPro database on an SBC server. Using ODBC connectivity, the client-side Access reporting application imports new data tables into its database and creates summary calculations. This allows multiple reporting applications to be installed on any Windows based machine that has network access to the SBC server.

All queries and calculations are run on the client machine, and the final report is displayed within Access. Since the SBC fuel tank data is separated by state, the reporting needs to be told which state the report should be calculated on. Through a set of pull-down menu items, the user supplies the state parameter as well as the method of reporting (Monthly/Weekly) and the reporting timeframe (Month/Year).

As per SBC, the report displays the last 18 months of reconciliation data per tank. The last column of each month notifies the user with an “OK” or a red-highlighted “ALERT” if the tank did not pass required calculations. A 2nd button gives the user the option to save the report as an Excel spreadsheet.



  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • ODBC