Industry Summary | Business

Wholesaler Territory Polygon Creation
Defined nationwide wholesaler territory maps using Legal Descriptions
Advertising Market Analysis Web Application
Developed web application to support newspaper advertising placements by geography
Residential Map Book and Data Sheet Creation
Created a custom solution that leveraged existing CAD-based design data to produce PDF data sheets
CAMA Web Application Optimization
Conducted a thorough source code, hardware, data and software configuration review to determine need for optimizations
Power Outage Tracking Web Application
Created a custom web application to define and manage power outages and a custom Java library
Custom Map Control and Services
Developed a Custom ArcGIS Server Map Control, Web Service, and Automation Components
Creation of an Automation & Conversion Tool for Publishing
Developed conversion and automation tools to convert textbooks to various formats
Web Enterprise Data Analysis System
Developed a web application to display annual changes to existing data content
Geocoding and Mapping Services
Utilized geocoding and geographical data analysis to assist management of subcontractors
Data Reporting Tool
Developed an application that generates up-to-the-minute reconciliation reports