Project Summary

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CAMA Web Application Optimization

Conducted a thorough source code, hardware, data and software configuration review to determine need for optimizations

Project Problem

The client created a commercial-off-the-shelf CAMA system including a desktop application and a hosted web application. Their clients were complaining about poor performance for their hosted ArcIMS application.

Project Solution

Great Arc was recommended as an expert administrator and developer of both ArcIMS and ArcSDE technologies. We were tasked with a thorough source code, hardware, data and software configuration review to find any possible sources of performance problems.

During our review process, Great Arc created custom ArcIMS web applications to test image generation times map images. Times were logged for several configurations, highlighting map configuration changes that would improve performance.

We also developed a test web application show the effects of ArcSDE configuration changes to a large raster dataset. For these tests we displayed two maps displays side-by-side; one from their original configuration and one from the new optimized configuration. Each map cycled through several zoom scales to show performance throughout the scale range.

We delivered to the client an optimized mosaic raster dataset including a specialized dbtune.sde file. The final database included multiple file groups separating the raster, attribute, index and log data into separate files. We also provided hardware recommendations that resulted in significant performance gains.



  • ArcSDE
  • ArcIMS