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Right-of-Way Management Tool (iROW)

Developed an enterprise right-of-way management tool

Project Problem

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority sought qualified consultants to provide services relating to the Infrastructure Management System. The advertised scope of services included GIS system architecture deployment and migration, technical support services for Esri ArcGIS Server and related development environments, and application hosting support.

Project Solution

Great Arc Technologies successfully built and released IROW, a web-based right-of-way management application. Since the initial production release, our team has continued to enhance the application with several additional phase-based releases.

The IROW application delivers several key features to the business. Users of the system can create new records in the system to record the progress of the various acquisition steps. Records can also be located with advanced search tools and updated to match current process status. The application behaves in accordance to the role of the user currently logged in which not only provides a custom interface specific to the function of the role, but also protects data quality and accuracy. Additionally, the system enforces data entry rules and automatically sends notification messages to users as records advance through the various phases of acquisition.

The IROW application was built using industry standard technology components which together form a flexible product framework. This framework was specifically designed for adaptability so that the IROW application can continue to meet the Tollway’s evolving needs in the future.