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Lane Closures

Replace an existing internal web application that assists in the management of highway lane closures to allow for an expanded user base

Project Problem

The client required a replacement for their current Lane Closure web application to allow for an expanded user base.

Project Solution

Great Arc recently completed a replacement application for Illinois Tollway’s current Lane Closure web application. The current application is hosted at the Tollway and accessed by a key number of internal Tollway employees. This new version will expand the user base to include external access by contractors and removing much of the data entry burden traditionally handled by Tollway staff.

With this new application, contractors may now request lane closures directly. If a lane closure satisfies a minimum set of requirements, it may be automatically approved. Throughout the request process, significant business rules are employed to determine whether a proposed closure may be approved including: closure dates and location are within contracted bounds, number of lanes closed does not exceed max closable lanes for time of day and corridor location, closure does not interfere or overlap another closure, closure does not occur on a holiday or other pre-defined event, etc. Any closure that does not conform to a set of requirements will go through an approval process by corridor managers and/or tollway administrators. Automatic notifications including emails are sent immediately to notify target staff of the requests.

Once a closure request has been approved, the contractor can manage the closure using a mobile-friendly dashboard. From a phone, tablet, or laptop, a contract or construction manager will indicate when a closure is beginning or ending using a simple dashboard view. Key personnel are immediately notified when any closure status change is made.



  • Angular
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Web API