Project Summary

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Hosting Support

Provide comprehensive services for the clients' Infrastructure Management System.

Project Problem

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority sought qualified consultants to provide comprehensive services relating to the Infrastructure Management System.

Project Solution

Great Arc manages all aspects of We are responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining all custom software including iPlans, the Tollway Calculator, PJIV, ROW, iDrive, Truck Permitting, Utility Locates, and Lane Closures. We have updated each mapping application to ensure compatibility with the latest browsers and to keep current with the latest versions of Dojo and the ESRI JavaScript API. We also install, configure and maintain the OS, IIS, ArcGIS Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, and every other technology required to run their custom applications.

Great Arc has installed custom monitoring software on each of the hosted servers to identify when problems occur or are about to occur. We currently receive immediate cell phone notifications and emails whenever the following conditions exist on any of the hosted servers: the server goes offline, the server is shutting down or starting up, memory runs low, drive space runs low, processor usage is high, key services stop or are unreachable (ArcGIS Server, IIS, SQL Server), when one hosted server cannot contact another hosted server, etc. We have two dedicated system administrators that respond to these incidents. If the incident can be resolved by Great Arc administrators, we will connect to the affected server(s) and take the necessary action. If a hosted server cannot be reached, we will contact the hosting provider support to identify the issue for resolution.

Great Arc is also responsible for maintaining a secure host environment for these applications. Routine vulnerability scans are run against all host web servers to ensure stringent PCI compliance. As new vulnerabilities are discovered, Great Arc applies patches/updates to the servers to mitigate.