Project Summary

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Developed a new one-stop shop to bring geospatial information to the Illinois Tollway and its partnering contractors

Project Problem

Great Arc has helped many organizations architect enterprise GIS systems over the years. The Illinois Tollway has traditionally maintained many disparate and isolated systems that use GIS data, often only accessible by a single department. For the Illinois Tollway, we have designed an enterprise GIS architecture to support dozens of critical applications used by over a thousand contractors and Tollway users.

Project Solution

The Tollway GeoHub is a new web-based system that provides a one-stop shop to geospatial information managed by the Tollway and its partnering contractors. It brings together disparate data from many sources (spatial data stored in Cartegraph, EBuilder project information, ArcGIS Online, and in-house GIS data) into a single location, along with maps, dashboards, and tailored applications for a wide variety of users.

The homepage of the hub offers quick access to information into product types: dashboards, mapping applications, business applications, and data exploration by category.

For users looking for pre-made maps, dashboards and mapping applications are of particular interest. Dashboards provide a quick, at-a-glance view of data, with limited functionality so users can easily explore the data without having to learn mapping tools. Mapping applications provide deeper functionality and analysis of data, such as filters, queries and printing tools.



  • ArcGIS Enterprise